If Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is renamed, what should it be called?

Dynamics 365 Enterprise
25% (28 votes)
Dynamics 365 ERP
20% (22 votes)
Dynamics 365 AX
42% (47 votes)
Dynamics 365 AX7
5% (6 votes)
None of these, I'll share a better idea!
7% (8 votes)
Total votes: 111

It must be named Dynamics 365 ERP

If we have Dynamics 365 CRM why not Dynamics 365 ERP. So people(most users) have no doubt about what it does!

Dynamics AX 365

Dynamics AX 365, short name DAX365

Dynamics 365

As there are two products it would be difficult to call it Dynamics 365 ERP. They have to sort out the products and what this do first.

Dynamics AX 365

Dynamics AX 365

Naming - Dynamics 365 for Operation

shoud be named: Dynamics 365 Enterprise
+ Dynamics is Microsoft ERP solution
+ 365 is new Microsoft ERP solution on cloud
+ Enterprise is used to compare with other MS ERP (on cloud)

All of these and much more

Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 for Operations 7.0 fka Axapta ntbcw CRM or NAV

...which later results in a rebranding to