Are you ready to use Management Reporter 2012?

Yes, right away
34% (32 votes)
Interested but will wait and see
45% (43 votes)
No, I'm fine with my current tools
21% (20 votes)
Total votes: 95

Presently using Management Reporter

We are presently using Management Reporter but what I find is that when you do run into a problem, there isn't much out there on Customer Source to resolve your issues. I know that they have a Corporate Performance Managment Site, but when you are trying to use and depend on the tool for financials you need to be able to get support and there just isn't much out there. I feel like we are all supposed to be drinking the kool aid on this product and saying how great it is. This is a financial reporting package that as end users we have to be able to depend on the results and have a very good comfort margin on the reports we are producing. The original training manuals were just duplicated from FRx and were riddled with mis-information. A lot of the features that we had in FRx just are not there. They keep saying that they are coming out with a new FP with fixes but has anyone been given a date. (other than 1st qtr 2012) Now if you are a new client for Great Plains, this is a lot better than nothing, but if you were used to FRx, you might not be happy.

And it looks like a lot of our complaints have been heard, because the FP's seem to be addressing a lot of the issues we saw in MR. But they are still missing features.

Sue Conrod

Thank you Sue!

As someone who will be moving from FRX to Management Reporter myself, I hope to get some answers about this at Convergence 2012.

Reuben Gathright!/rgathright

From GP Forum

The release date for MR 2012 hasn't been announced yet. They will likely make a formal announcement at Convergence next week.

To ballpark it, I'd say late March/April timeframe.

MR will be compatible with GP2010 R2.


I've done an migration from FRx to Management Reporter in a test environment only to find some significant issues with reports not running post migration. The post-migration reports that are generated are somewhat helpful, but my test users are running into unforeseen issues with reports not running, that were not listed in the problem reports. Our support vendor has been unable to figure out the exact problem, which leaves us in a bind.