Active Directory Integration with Microsoft Dynamics: 5 Steps to Create Dynamic Identity Management

5 steps to create Dynamic Identity Management

Global manufacturer aims for 'ERP Evergreen' with expanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment

elevateADTM, Elevate HR's Active Directory Integration App, automates enterprise security management for employees, vendors, customers-anyone who needs access.  We create Active Directory user accounts from Dynamics 365 transactions, apply security by policy, and synchronize all actions: from...[READ MORE]

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Hitachi CRM for Transportation

PUBLISHED BY: Hitachi Solutions America

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Hitachi CRM gives you a 360-degree view of the customer that is made possible by a centralized, integrated system for managing, viewing and tracking all customer data. This in turn allows for increased efficiency and overall improved customer service, letting your organization differentiate from...[READ MORE]


Hitachi Solutions Acquires Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce and Retail Solution Provider Ignify

Microsoft Dynamics Profile: NAV MVP's Career Has Grown Alongside the Software

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