Active Directory Integration with Microsoft Dynamics: 5 Steps to Create Dynamic Identity Management

5 steps to create Dynamic Identity Management
elevateADTM, Elevate HR's Active Directory Integration App, automates enterprise security management for employees, vendors, customers-anyone who needs access.  We create Active Directory user accounts from Dynamics 365 transactions, apply security by policy, and synchronize all actions: from...[READ MORE]

Crowe Horwath is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm with offices across the globe. Connecting deep industry and specialized knowledge with innovative technology, our dedicated...[READ MORE]
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Dynamics Software Rental Management

PUBLISHED BY: Dynamics Software

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Rental Management provides a strong rental solution that gives companies in the rental sector a clear view of all current operational information in real time, enabling optimum performance. It supports the full range of rental activities, for example administration, registration and management,...[READ MORE]

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