sure step

Microsoft Dynamics Project Success with Proprietary Deployment Models

Do proprietary project methodologies add value when it comes to Dynamics ERP and CRM deployments?

Adapting Sure Step for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition: An ERP veteran’s advice

Can Your Company Handle ERP Disruption?

Mohamed Aamer - AX Excellence

The Value of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step: Beyond implementation standards

Five Ways to Develop Business Analysis Skills for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Mohamed Aamer - AX Excellence

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Team: Understand the Roles that Determine Success

Mohamed Aamer - AX Excellence

Charting Your ERP Roadmap: Helping Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers Plan the Right Project

CRM Musings

Managing Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project: Methodologies in the Mix

Mohamed Aamer - AX Excellence

Navigating the Challenges of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Consultant Career Path

Mohamed Aamer - AX Excellence

Understanding the Development Roadmap of the Microsoft Dynamics Application Consultant

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