MSDW Podcast

MSDW Podcast: Charting two Microsoft MVP careers, one blog post at a time

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MSDW Podcast: Plotting a path forward with Dynamics 365

The MSDW Podcast: What IoT is, isn't & could be

The MSDW Podcast: JC Quintana on customer relationships and experience (they’re not the same)

The MSDW Podcast, March 16, 2017: AXMentor Recaps "Evolve: The Journey to Dynamics 365"

The MSDW Podcast, March 13, 2017: Dynamics 365 for Ops on-prem; Delta goofs; Riding the CRM wave; Selling on Amazon

The MSDW Podcast: ISV perspective on the promise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 SMB CRM apps

The MSDW Podcast, February 27, 2017: More Real-World Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM App Experiences from the Channel

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