Your Roadmap to Intelligent Customer Support with Dynamics 365

Thursday, May 24, 2018 @ 11:00 AM EDT


Customer support managers face the seemingly contradictory needs of reducing support costs while improving customer satisfaction with effortless experiences.

To make matters more complicated, organizations face a proliferation of apps and information silos for agents as well as self-service portals that fall short of expectations.

Join us for this webinar to learn how to take advantage of AI-powered search for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to create an intelligent support strategy that:

  • Upskills your support team so they become more proficient
  • Improves the efficiency of support staff so that average case handling time can be reduced
  • Drives improved CSAT scores when customers interact with your contact center

We'll walk through the roadmap to intelligent assisted support, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the core.


Solution Engineer, Coveo
Director of Product Marketing, Coveo