Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Tweaks for Non-Developers

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Tweaks for Non-Developers

You may think that making changes to Dynamics AX through the development system is something that is only the domain of the development group. But just because you can’t write pages of X++ code in your sleep, that doesn't mean you can't write any code at all.

If you are an inquisitive, adventurous financial professional, then there is no reason why you can’t learn how to make simple tweaks to your Dynamics AX system.

In this webinar we will step through a handful of simple customizations that AX users focused on financial management and other functional areas should be able to perform to make your Dynamics AX user life a little more productive. Scenarios will include:

  • Embedding in web pages as menu items
  • Adding ribbon bar menu buttons that link to useful web sites
  • Embedding web pages as tabs into common forms
  • Creating New menus that combine multiple modules into one menu
  • Updating data through X++ scripts

Who knows, maybe by the end of the process you will connect with your inner developer.

Friday, October 31, 2014