Freight Management for NAV Made Easy using Dynamics TMS

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Freight Management for NAV Made Easy using Dynamics TMS

NOTE: This session will also take place on November 11th at 12:00 pm ET.

Join NGL live as we introduce you to Dynamics TMS, the transportation management solution for Dynamics NAV built on the Microsoft stack. We will highlight how Dynamics TMS simplifies your freight management activities, improving operating efficiencies, and driving down transportation costs.

We will explain how Dynamics TMS solves problems including:

  • Determining the least cost, best service, best mode, transportation provider.
  • Addressing "spot" market pricing
  • Improve visibility into inbound and outbound movements.
  • Accurate and real time communications among carrier providers.
  • Reduces manual freight bill entry and audit.
  • Rate shopping from a single platform
  • Track & Trace from a single platform
  • Minimize the need for customizations
  • Quickly migrate to next release of NAV without custom coding.
  • Detail reporting and KPI's

Friday, November 11, 2016