Make-to-Order and Configure-to-Order Manufacturing Opportunities for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Friday, July 22, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EDT


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Please join Arbela Technologies for a two-part manufacturing webinar series addressing the growing trend of customer demand for customized and configured products and accurate delivery times. This webinar series will be around Make-to-order and Configure-to-Order Manufacturing opportunities and How to Ensure Consistent and Superior Customer Service and Delivery Performance

Part 1, will address the industry trends and challenges and offer best-practices and solutions manufacturers can implement to achieve superior customer service and increased market share including:

  1. What are latest trends in manufacturing and what opportunities should manufacturers capitalize on to improve customer service
  2. How to ensure consistent and repeatable customer service, performance and delivery dates
  3. Desired solutions for customer service, order configuration, manufacturing and supplier relationship management including:  
    1. Using a configurator to configure products the way customers want them
    2. Reducing information lead time across your supply chain to alert the supply chain for the materials and sub-assemblies
    3. Best practices on how to produce and deliver efficiently - grouping of the orders, use of customer material, capturing cost, etc.


Manufacturing & CPG Consultant
President and CEO, Arbela