Why Now is Not the Time to Build Business Intelligence

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Why Now is Not the Time to Build Business Intelligence

Choosing the right Business Intelligence solution to complement the wealth of data in your ERP system is an important and difficult decision.  

Many organizations opt to build this functionality - a proposition that is expensive and risky; and often times not scalable with the massive amounts of information that organizations must analyze to stay ahead of the competition.   For those organizations that choose to buy a BI solution - the decision can be difficult, with so many vendors providing solutions that do not deliver, provide only part of the solution, or focus too much on intangible areas.   While collaboration and social media are valuable - are they the things that are keeping you up at night when thinking about information-sharing across your business?  Most likely not; it is the ability to access simple reports and analytics from a trusted data source that are easily consumed by employees across all areas of your business.  

Join my one hour presentation where I will be discussing the pros and cons of Buying vs. Building Business Intelligence and describing dozens of customer examples where Building BI has resulted in personal and corporate risk.

Thursday, September 05, 2013