Implementing BI: History Lessons, From Mainframe to Mobile

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Implementing BI: History Lessons, From Mainframe to Mobile

By examining the history of Business Intelligence, both its past promise and its real results in intelligence-gathering systems in the business world and in government intelligence (yes the CIA!), we can take the lessons from history and apply them to current BI best practices. Join BI and government intelligence veteran Lou Clark for an examination of the trends and technology that have driven the field of BI and continue to determine its success in BI projects, from the earliest Decision Support on mainframes to today's emerging mobile BI.

We will take a look at the sometimes surprising origins of Business Intelligence and its necessary precursors (“Self-Service End-User Computing”). In fact, we will see that the origins of much of 21st century innovative technology are older and in general, just not what you would have guessed.

Lou has been there through the various incarnations of BI, in commerce and supporting government intelligence. He will show us how to learn from its past - and its past failures to deliver - so that you can get the most possible benefit from its future promise. The promise of effective Business Intelligence is still there in particular because BI can now go mobile.

This talk will take a realistic look at issues that have plagued past BI projects related to confusion, complexity, and simply building systems no one requested. Lou will examine the future promise of mobile BI, with which he first experimented while he was Associate VP of IT at In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture firm.

Lou has had his own history with BI, having co-founded the firm (acquired by CA Technologies) that produced Stratagem (later known as Acumate), a decision support system. Lou has worked at software giants, CA Technologies and Microsoft. He was also Associate Vice President of IT at In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture investment firm. Lou Clark is currently VP of R & D at Xodis, a mobile platform transition and hybrid mobile (BYOD) management software product firm.

Thursday, September 19, 2013