The Great Order Processing Predicament: The Pain of Fax & Email Orders, And How Automation in Microsoft Dynamics Solves It

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST


High costs, low visibility, and poor responsiveness: If your company processes fax and email orders manually, these should all ring a bell. The question is, how you support business growth and avoid the growing pains without adding more staff? Answer: Add automation!

Join our live webinar to discover how order processing automation for Microsoft Dynamics users can help process orders twice as fast with the same number of people or less. Imagine your process if you could:

  • Electronically capture, validate and route incoming orders
  • Reduce processing errors and downstream supply chain costs
  • Increase visibility into the entire order management process
  • Manage increase order volume without adding headcount
  • Allocate employee time to development projects & customer-focused initiatives

Register now to learn specific ways companies can improve speed, accuracy and responsiveness with electronic order processing - all without adding staff.


Sales Director, Esker