Microsoft Dynamics CRM Release Management Best Practices, Revisited

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Release Management Best Practices, Revisited

Last year, we reviewed the rapid evolution in the best practices and toolsets for releasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and configuration data. This session will serve as an update on the tools and best practices for release management for Dynamics CRM with an enhanced focus on the role that the development effort plays in this process.

Join Ivan Kurtev, Architect at Hitachi Solutions America, for a discussion on how to:

  • Incorporate the Solution Packager in your development effort and managing your CRM metadata in Source Control ensures traceability, but presents unique challenges. We will discuss how to solve these challenges and minimize the impact on developer productivity.
  • Structure your build effort to consume the outputs of Development and create CRM solutions from source code and Microsoft Dynamics CRM metadata. 

The session will explore the roles that development, automation, and release validation play in improving the quality of releases and reducing manual effort. It will also explore the latest tools and techniques that help CRM professionals can use to gain these benefits.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014