Dimensions of Inventory Management: Holistic Strategies for a Volatile World

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Dimensions of Inventory Management: Holistic Strategies for a Volatile World

Hear the results of our research on inventory management-what companies are doing to improve working capital, find the right level of inventory to balance supply and demand, and deal with volatility and uncertainty. Our research found that the standard inventory formulas do not encapsulate all the factors that go into effective inventory management.

For small and large companies alike, influencers in the company, beyond supply chain, play a critical role in determining the how inventory is used to achieving a firm's strategy. The sales team wants an advantage over the competition. A company's cash cycle creates constraints or opportunities. A holistic inventory strategy encompasses these dimensions and more.

In this webinar, we discuss results from our research covering a number of dimensions that successful companies have used to master inventory challenges:

  • Business Model and Supply Chain Structure-What is the best division of responsibility and ownership across the chain?
  • Product Characteristics-The configurability, lifecycle, and velocity of products have a huge influence on determining the right inventory strategy.
  • Trading Partner Relationships-Agreements and relationships with suppliers and channel are critical.
  • Risk Management-Techniques for managing risk are becoming much more sophisticated. These are a crucial part of the answer.
  • Visibility and Technology-Technology plays a huge role ... but which are the right solutions for your business?
  • Strategic Performance Alignment-Day-to-day decisions make all the difference in inventory policy. These must be aligned to achieve corporate strategy and performance goals.

Whether you are an SMB or a F500 company, this webinar will help you improve your inventory management performance, and hence your corporate performance.

Thursday, September 13, 2012