Expert Panel: 5 Arguments Against AP Automation (And Why They're Wrong)

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Expert Panel: 5 Arguments Against AP Automation (And Why They're Wrong)

You’ve likely embraced a range of financial technology in your personal life, from banking apps and digital wallets to automatic bill payments.

So why are some organizations still cutting paper checks?

Investments in financial technology, like AP automation improve worker experiences, process efficiency, and financial performance. But some organizations just aren’t ready to commit because they don’t see all the direct and indirect benefits.

In this Expert Panel Discussion led by Dynamics 365 MVP Rick McCutcheon we will discuss these benefits and breakdown the biggest blockers preventing organizations like yours from adopting new financial technology. We will also explore how AP automation can strengthen your organization in the midst of The Great Resignation and the predicted recession.

In this panel you’ll learn:

  • · The state of AP technology adoption among middle market companies
  • · The 5 arguments against AP Automation

                   - Cost
                   - Business has more pressing needs
                   - Too hard to train staff
                   - No buy-in from leadership
                   - No need for automated tools

  • · Top blockers stopping companies from adopting new AP technologies
  • · How to attract and retain AP talent while creating efficiencies amid economic uncertainty  

Thursday, August 25, 2022