Are you still writing Dynamics 365/CRM documentation by hand?

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Are you still writing Dynamics 365/CRM documentation by hand?

ClickLearn will automate writing your business critical walk-throughs, saving you 80% of the time you now spend creating them manually for Dynamics 365|NAV|AX|CRM and most of your other IT systems.

Simply record your work process in Dynamics. With one click, ClickLearn produces your walk-throughs in up to seven formats and all required languages. It creates a complete e-learning portal with full tracking and scoring, and upgrades your work instructions as you upgrade your Dynamics platform with no manual effort on your part.

Join our informational webcast and experience a live demo of the ClickLearn solution - presented by our rockstar, founder and CTO, Michael Olsen. Learn how to:

  • Record your walk-throughs and let ClickLearn bring them to life in minutes within the online help system.
  • Stay current on your walk-throughs. ClickLearn automatically upgrades your process walk-throughs when you upgrade to new versions of Dynamics.
  • Record in one language and produce in every language with screen shots from your localized versions of Dynamics.
  • Let users learn their processes within a safe environment. Produce hands-on-labs playable on any device, complete with automated narration with the ClickLearn Voice Cloud.
  • Automatically convert your walk-throughs into Virtual Assistants that guide the users on-screen, in their live system.

Learn more in our 1-minute video:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018