Top Five Challenges of Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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Top Five Challenges of Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Just how different is Dynamics CRM Online from CRM On-premise? One word: very! Let the experts share with you the unique challenges of migrating and integrating Dynamics CRM Online - strategies for dealing with latency, lookup performance, reporting model changes and some tricks on preprocessing data will be explored.

Join us for a round table discussion of key factors that partners and customers should be aware of to maximize this robust online CRM application.

  1. SQL Reporting Services can't use SQL and must use FetchXML - Scribe Solution Scribe Online Replication Services
  2. No access to SQL tables to add indexes to improve performance - Scribe Solution SRS or Add Sql tables to Scribe Internal for Xrefernce lookup to improve Lookup performance
  3. Cannot change threading options in CRM online - Scribe Online - Multiple Workbench or Agents to increase bandwidth to CRM
  4. Latency Across Systems - Hosting the integration in Azure and deploying agents in the CRM Cloud improves performance. I have numbers I can share.
  5. With no access to SQL to restore backups into test and training environments how do you keep systems in sync? - SOL and Insight can keep CRM Online test and dev systems in sync with production system data    

Tuesday, December 09, 2014