Cash is King - Managing Outstanding A/R in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Cash is King - Managing Outstanding A/R in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In the business world, cash is king. And a good strategy for increasing cash flow is to effectively and efficiently decrease outstanding receivables. If you want to automate, centralize, and streamline your collection process to decrease outstanding A/R, this session is for you. During this session we will demonstrate the powerful tools inside Professional Advantage's Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Collections Management provides tools and features that are essential in daily collecting, as well as tools that can automate your current collection process. It can dramatically reduce the time spent collecting from your customers and make it easy to perform activities including: tracking contact with your customers, automatically assigning follow-ups and setting reminder dates.

Webcast Agenda:

Tools for Daily Collecting

  • Reviewing customers and creating collection notes
  • Managing a collection task list
  • Creating and sending emails (w/ payment links)

Tools for Collection Automation

  • Targeting customers - Collection Query
  • Setting up and assigning Collection Plans
  • How to process Collection Plans

Wednesday, August 24, 2016