Demystifying the Microsoft CSP Program for Dynamics Partners

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Demystifying the Microsoft CSP Program for Dynamics Partners

The cloud has become integral to the business environment for Dynamics partners, and Microsoft's new Cloud Solution Provider (or CSP) Program, is the key to the future. The CSP program will help you evolve your business to own the end-to-end relationship with your clients and offer them the modern cloud services they want while continuing your legacy, on-premise ERP and CRM business.

Join industry experts and channel veterans Scott May and Dave Wallen as they leverage their combined 50 years' experience to survey the current Dynamics partner landscape and introduce the options and opportunities Dynamics partners have by participating in CSP.

Topics will include:

  • Becoming a "Modern" Microsoft Partner
  • Developing a 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider Business
  • Building a 2-Tier Cloud Solution Provider Practice
  • Sales Affiliate and Sales Agent Programs
  • The Dynamics Master VAR Program

Microsoft’s CSP program can help you drive stronger customer relationships and engagement, increase your profitability and streamline your revenue and growth for years to come.

Thursday, March 08, 2018