A Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution for Life Sciences Companies - AXOQCS

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A Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution for Life Sciences Companies - AXOQCS

Frequent audits and recalls push Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices manufacturers to move away from paper-based solutions and shift towards integrated electronic records from procurement, manufacturing, and distribution. But these changes present a major challenge, since Quality & Compliance departments traditionally have operated independently from manufacturing departments, separate from ERP and plagued by paper-based quality systems for monitoring control of production.

In this webinar, Evan Pavan will give you a tour of AXOQCSTM, a unique ERP solution for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences manufacturers that streamlines and integrates quality and compliance processes. Evan will demonstrate how the AxSource® team extends Dynamics AX to create a rich solution to ensure regulation and compliance for life sciences. This session will include:

  • The AxSource vision for delivering efficient quality and compliance in life sciences
  • An overview of the solution features specific to the life sciences industry including:
    • Easier than ever CAPA Management List
    • Recall Management from a single form
    • Production Module for less paper work
    • Electronic Batch Records
  • A review of AxSource expertise and why AXOQCS make sense

Wednesday, April 13, 2016