Microsoft Dynamics NAV White Papers

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Business Need

What CFOs Need to Know About Automating Accounts Payable

Revamp your the invoice-to-pay process

What the Hybrid Cloud Is Not: 5 Urban Myths About the Multi-Cloud World

Several myths are keeping some companies from taking advantage of the cloud

Vendor Portal: The Gateway into Vendor Satisfaction

Another way for your company and vendors to save mailing costs, document handling, invoice processing, and answering vendor calls

It’s Time to Ditch the AP Training Wheels

The accounts payable bicycle: 5 reasons why riding is better than walking

The Top 10 Reporting Best Practices

A guide for Microsoft Dynamics users

The Ultimate Glossary of BI Terms

References for anyone eager and ready to further educate themselves in the world of data

How Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users Can Avoid the High Spend Approach to Reporting and Analytics

Ironically, spending more here doesn’t mean getting your reports quicker, or even getting them in the output format that you need

Eliminating BI Failure: 4 Steps to Avoid Improper Data Governance

BI will give you an effective data governance roadmap

How to Build KPIs That Actually Drive Revenue

The role KPIs play can be much bigger and more important

Analytics: The Next Generation with Power BI and Jet Enterprise

Eliminates long implementation time, technical strain, and high costs associated with other corporate analytics options

9 Fatal Flaws to a Business Intelligence Implementation

Learn how to completely avoid, or at least minimize, them

5 Growth Strategies that Create Tax Risk

Here are five ways your success can be your downfall when it comes to tax compliance

Is Your Treasury Technology Aligned with Your Needs?

Four sources of confusion that can undermine your decision making

5 Reasons Why a Unified Cloud Commerce Solution Builds Better Customer Experiences

Unified Commerce: There’s no turbulence in this cloud