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6 Steps to Time Tracking Nirvana in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Follow this six-step process

How Managed IT Easily Outperforms In-House IT Every Time

Outsource to a trusted partner who can efficiently and reliably manage all aspects of your network for an affordable fixed price

6 Key Considerations When Moving Microsoft Dynamics to AWS

How to make the move, how it works in the cloud, and whether you’ll benefit from the move

How to Choose the Best SharePoint Hosting Option for You

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of three options for hosting SharePoint, and learn how to decide which is best for your organization

Moving to the Cloud? 25 Key Managed Services For Cost Reduction, Better Performance, and Innovation

Why rely on a managed services provider?

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Dynamics to the Cloud

Some vendors suggest that moving to the cloud is as easy as flipping a switch. That’s simply not true.

The Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Audit Handbook for Microsoft Dynamics Users

This handbook will guide you through each step

Timesheet Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users

For many tasks, an integrated third-party solution is optimal

2017 Trends in Document Management; What We're Seeing

Trends in document management and paperless automation technology that we have seen and expect to continue to develop in the coming months

6 Reasons Financial Document Automation is the Future of Finance

Digital transformation is happening now

2017 Sales Tax Changes for Microsoft Dynamics User Organizations

2017 is shaping up to be a BIG year for sales and use tax

Why Dynamics Users Need to Collect and Process Time and Expenses Within Their Organizations

Is inaccurate time data impacting your bottom line?

Everything Microsoft Dynamics Users Need to Know about Nexus

If your business has nexus in a certain state, you generally must collect sales taxes within that jurisdiction

Financial Dodgeball for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Picking Members for your Financial Automation Team

Retrieve accounts payable-related information, to route, approve, code and export vendor invoice and purchase order information directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

The Power of Financial Document Automation

White it matters and what you need to know