Smart Marketing: The Future of Marketing Automation for Microsoft CRM

What We're Announcing at Convergence

See the future of marketing automation with Salesfusion at Convergence 2014.   Marketing automation is more about adding buttons data to CRM.  We believe marketing automation should be about more than automating the mundane. Learn how you can make marketing automation technology work for you and your business in a more streamlined, efficient way at Microsoft Convergence 2014, booth #2912. We'd love to show you how the tool can work for you - as opposed to you working for the tool.

Why You Should Visit Our Booth:

Salesfusion is the most robust marketing automation platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. Predictive lead scoring, social intelligence and nurturing, and compelling analytics makes our easy-to-use system even more powerful, filling your funnel with higher qualified, lower cost leads. Now that's smart.  Salesfusion integrates natively and out of the box with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM .  Marketing intelligence made available to sales immediately and directly inside of Microsoft CRM.  Visitors to the booth will see our powerful tools in action with Dynamics 2013.

More About Us

Salesfusion's mission is to help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships.