KwikTag IS Document Management for Life Hackers

What We're Announcing

KwikTag is launching KwikTag v5.5—the most significant product release in KwikTag’s history! KwikTag v5.5 is wicked fast, dead simple and super smart. KwikTag v5.5 is also crazy affordable. With KwikTag v5.5, organizations & employees get more of what they love: control, visibility, and focus; while eliminating what they don’t: broken processes and mindless work that doesn’t add much value to the bottom line.

Why Visit Our Booth

See Super Smart KwikApps in Action.

Meet Wicked Cool People.

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Learn What All the KwikTag v5.5 Buzz is About!

Convergence Tips

Be sure to attend the KwikTag Life Hackers Workshop, featuring Life Hacker co-inventor and luminary Mark Song and two amazing guest panelists: Thursday 3/6, 12:30 – 1:30 pm. Leave with awesome hacks to manage your day-to-day, strategies to increase your control, efficiency & effectiveness and cool tips other document management vendors won’t tell you about!

More About Us

Powerful. Practical. Proven. KwikTag® by KwikTag provides world-class document management software for Life Hackers – without hacking your budget. KwikTag was the first — and remains the best — workflow and process automation solution for companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, AX and SL.

Trusted and recommended by name by top Dynamics partners for over a decade, KwikTag has evolved beyond “capture” to deliver better, faster and more dynamic ways to get rid of clutter and simplify departmental processes. Wherever data, documents and decisions are involved, KwikTag helps achieve control, improve visibility and drive personal & professional productivity. See KwikTag v5.5 in action at Booth 508 and start:

  • Letting your documents do the work
  • Focusing your resources on adding value rather than just ‘keeping up’
  • Boosting efficiency everywhere in your organization