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What We're Announcing at AXUG Summit

Ready to extract the massive wealth of data stored within your Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM system?  Visit us in booth #1223 to see why more and more organizations are choosing ZAP Business Intelligence!

ZAP continues to take Business Intelligence to a whole new level - check out our latest release - ZAP BI 2014

Why you should visit our booth

Visit booth #1223 and you'll not only get to see live demos of our world class software and learn how ZAP's user-friendly software can provide you with a business-changing solution; but you'll get to meet the North America ZAP team and leave with a great giveaway!

AXUG Summit - Tips and Tricks:

Join ZAP's session titled ‘Join the BI Revolution' and you'll receive a cool ZAP T-Shirt!

Wednesday, October 15th at 2:15pm

Room: 104

The first 50 attendees will receive a T-Shirt

About ZAP

With customers in more than 50 countries spanning from mid-market local businesses to those supporting Fortune 500 credentials, ZAP focuses on providing real business outcomes through the integration of its' best in class business intelligence solutions to those ERP and CRM solutions delivered by Microsoft Dynamics. For more information visit: