EDI Best Practices for Dynamics Upgrades – Integration Without Customization: A New Approach to Simplify your Supply Chain Integration with Data Masons

What We're Announcing at NAVUG Summit

When you're upgrading Dynamics NAV, it's the perfect time to upgrade your EDI.  You have the opportunity to put a solution in place that will grow with your company, integrate more documents in more formats, and ensure you have an EDI solution that won't restrict your upgrades now or in the future. Data Masons has helped over 1,000 customers implement an integrated EDI solution that frees them from customizing the ERP. Visit us at Booth 334, sign up to get a private demo, or join our session "EDI Best Practices: Integrating Your Supply Chain with Dynamics NAV

Why You Should Visit Our Booth

If you have EDI visit Booth 334 and see how we're changing the EDI world as you know it! PLUS get your VIP wristband for THE party @Summit on 10/15.

UG Summit Tips

The Community Theater in the Expo is a great way to sample what vendors are showcasing this year with brief 15 min sessions. See more about EDI Made Simple® on 10/15 @ 1:40-1:55pm. If you prefer exclusive time or a demo, meet us at Booth 334.

More About Us

Our customers are our biggest fans! We focus on ensuring every customer has an outstanding experience by providing them with a proven integrated EDI solution, attentive service, and giving them peace of mind with a product and support team unparalleled in the industry.

"I've used other EDI managed service solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and none of them compare to Vantage Point. The design of the software is very intuitive, and hands-on training from Data Masons' staff helped me get more out of the software in-terms of workflow scheduling and managing documents. I recommend them to anyone in the market for an EDI managed service solution for any iteration of Dynamics NAV."  

- Zachary W. Roberts, EDI Business Analyst, Simon Golub & Sons Inc

Take a moment to download our complimentary executive brief "EDI Made Simple: A New Approach", check out our Summit page for the latest and greatest of EDI at Summit, and be sure to follow the conversation @DataMasons on Twitter #EDImadeSimple.