EDI for AX7 – A Radical Transformation for Dynamics AX: Let Data Masons help you navigate your EDI needs when considering an upgrade to AX7

What We're Announcing at the UG Summit

Dynamics AX7 is a dramatic departure from earlier versions of AX and data integration is one area that has undergone a radical transformation. This new approach introduces expanded opportunities for tight EDI integration without customization. Join us at one of our multiple EDI for AX7 sessions and learn how the evolution of Dynamics AX7 can be a huge benefit for AX users that need tight and robust EDI integration. If you're not upgrading to AX7 but would like to discuss EDI for your version of AX, stop by our booth #707 or visit our Summit page to request a private demonstration and discussion.

Why You Should Visit Our Booth

Visit us and find out how you can get free beer, free salsa dancing lessons, or a free pass to Summit 2017!

UG Summit Tips

If you have EDI needs, attend one of our AXUG sessions and be automatically entered to win a free pass for Summit 2017! Looking for immediate fun? Stop at our booth and get the scoop on our Cuban Club event in Ybor City Thursday night with Fastpath!

More About Us

Our customers are our biggest fans! We focus on ensuring every customer has an outstanding experience by providing a proven integrated EDI solution Certified for Dynamics AX, attentive service, and offering peace of mind with a product and support team unparalleled in the industry.

"Data Masons has created an amazing EDI solution that makes it easy to implement new processes and trading partner relationships with Dynamics AX. They do all of this without AX customizations which is a key value proposition to Chobani."

- Maureen Hurley, VP , IT Strategy Architecture, Chobani, Inc.

Take a moment to download our complimentary executive brief "EDI Made Simple: A New Approach", check out our Summit page for the latest and greatest of EDI at Summit, and be sure to follow the conversation @DataMasons on Twitter #EDImadeSimple.