Come see how ACOM's new integration with real-time, interactive functionality for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a game changer

What We're Announcing at the UG Summit:

ACOM has designed true groundbreaking integration with Dynamics GP.  Driven by ACOM's content management platform, payables automation delivers "real-time" functionality from purchase order through completed GP transaction and secure archival. 

Automatically capture invoices and related documents to create Dynamics GP transactions directly from OCR data or workflow approval. Gain immediate visibility and control with no import or export data required.  Eliminate manual and repetitive processes - increase efficiency, productivity and accelerate approval time from days or weeks into just hours.

Why You Should Visit Our Booth:

Straight talk, revolutionary integration and a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

UG Summit Tips:

Don't miss the session "AP Automation - Challenges, Benefits and Value Across the Enterprise" at 11am on Thurdsay, October 15, and then visit ACOM at Booth #427 to see it in action!

More About Us:

ACOM believes that software should work for people, not the other way around.  This development mission is the driving force behind our unique "real-time" integration designed for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Clients choose us for our sophisticated technology and how it improves the way they manage, process and control the huge volume of information they use each day.  We know that it's always in the results - how we improve the personal work experience for you, your employees, clients, vendors and trading partners, and how we deliver increased productivity, efficiency and hard cost return on investment to your organization.

ACOM provides Intelligent Automation Solutions that help organizations solve the problems they face dealing with disorganized information and manual business processing, giving users the precise documents, data and content they need in the right version and format when they need it.

ACOM is a complete family of integrated process, content management & payment software solutions that includes:

  • Intelligent Data Capture
  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Financial and Business Workflow Automation
  • Document and Enterprise Content Management
  • Payment Processing
  • EDI integration

Helping organizations eliminate manual processing to close the information gaps between their enterprise applications and the unmanaged processes and information needed to run their businesses.