Fully Utilize Mobile Device Transactions for Quality Management Purposes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

April 21 2015

Editor's Note: The following article is drawn from Dr. Hamilton's new book about Warehouse Management using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.  The book covers the major approaches to warehouse management and their integration with the broader contexts of supply chain management, quality management and transportation management.  The numbering of sections and figures reflects the continuation of a previous article, but this article can be read as an independent topic.

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Scott Hamilton has consulted globally with several hundred manufacturing/distribution companies on SCM and ERP issues. His publications include multiple books about SCM using Dynamics AX as well as two textbooks about SCM/ERP, and his books have been translated into Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. For more than 10 years, Scott has been a frequent speaker at Microsoft and AXUG conferences around the world, and a multi-year winner of the rarely given Microsoft MVP award for Dynamics AX. His regular column “The AX Solution Architect” is published in MSDynamicsWorld.com.

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mcohen2015's picture

While the described process is correct, it does not mention that the Put away from QC process does not support the same functionality as the put away from purchase order. for instance it does not support the consolidate strategy which is essential for many companies that need an advanced warehouse system.

vvaitkev's picture

Similar questions as for previous topic: 1. In the picture there are 2 Put-away works. 1st one is triggered by Purchase order. How to trigger the 2nd one? Quality order is not triggering WMS work. 2. How to trigger different actions, based on Captured Quality check questions? Eg, to trigger Return Order? Thank you, Valentinas