Why the Salesforce deal doesn’t end Microsoft Dynamics CRM competitiveness

June 3 2014

This article is adapted from a post on PartnerCompete.com.

OK, the initial announcement was a bit surprising. Salesforce.com? Didn't Benioff at one time refer to Microsoft as the evil empire and a patent troll? Let's talk about how this partnership isn't as bad as it may sound. And let's think about how it could even create new opportunities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Jason Carter has been providing market and competitive intelligence to Partners for over a decade. He was a member of Microsoft's internal Microsoft Business Solutions Compete team, and now serves as the founder of PartnerCompete LLC. As administrator and frequent content contributor on PartnerCompete.com, Jason manages this secure, invitation-only community in which select Microsoft Dynamics-focused Partners share competitive and industry information and collaborate on tough sales. Jason has a passion for beating the competition.

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leontribe's picture

Hi Jason, Nicely put together. I think we agree completely on this. Microsoft is seeking to reduce customer flows to competitors and all they have to do is meet Salesforce at the table. As I mention in my blog, this could damage Dynamics CRM partner-direct sales but it is a battle to win a bigger war and, even then, casualties will be low I believe. Leon Tribe