Rockstar 365 wants to rank Microsoft Dynamics professionals on factors that matter

June 28 2013

Ever wondered who the top Microsoft Dynamics professionals are in your country? Or how they stack up against resources around the world? The team behind Rockstar 365 believes it has the answer.

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NevilleF's picture

So I created an account, tried to add my first certification and found that the only certs they recognize are Sharepoint, MS CRM & 2013 server stuff, nothing for NAV, AX, GP, MCT ...etc I see the site also wants you to give other peoples email addresses which in their words will be used to improve your own score They then ask for names and numbers of clients where you have worked with no reference to what you actually did on the projects I have to admit, this would make a fantastic marketing database, but i don't see how it could be used to tell more than who has the most certificates?

Rockstar365's picture

Hey NevilleF, Thanks for signing up at Rockstar 365 and for dropping in a comment here on As mentioned we are still in BETA and we are constantly working towards the much larger vision as explained on our blog post "Why we built Rockstar 365 for you". With each update to Rockstar 365 we strive to improve the understanding of an individuals real world capability. This includes refinements to the ranking algorithms, which aren't simply limited to certs but also include projects, community references etc. Our pending update to the service (due for release shortly) is the most complex and significant to date. Given your comments, we feel very confident that you will approve of the enhancements and agree with the direction Rockstar 365 is taking. To be clear, the intention is not to build a "fantastic marketing database" but rather to uplift the entire ecosystem by helping individuals and partners to shorten sales cycles, win more business, resource projects correctly and charge the rates that they deserve. Thanks again for your comment, we really do take all feedback onboard. Stick with us ... YOU ROCK!

NevilleF's picture

All good, The story set an expectation different to what I found, I will give it another go after your next update, any idea on the date for the update?