Best Practices for Deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX Opening Balances

January 13 2012

When a company migrates to Microsoft Dynamics AX from a legacy ERP solution, one of the important data migration tasks is the creating opening balances in the new Dynamics AX system based on the closing balances of the previous closed period (often the fiscal year) from the legacy system. 

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There are a lot more things to consider e.g account aging, line level reconciliation of open invoices, how to deal with part depreciaated assets when data is loaded mid year, if at year end then how to load later auditor adjustments, how to get opening inventory costs, at what stage to cost roll BOMs , what exchange rate to use on open transactions etc. Be aware also of bugs in Ax 2012 year end closing that affect the TB listing. Ax 2012 also offers more challenges with data load e.g. to Gl with the new accounting framework and with regard to back up strategy between data laods. This article rightly draws attention to this important topic- every implementation we have audited has had incorrectly loaded opening balances. Tip: test with a reduced data set in advance.

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My customer has just gone live on AX2012. I am running into issues with the Trial balance report. If I roll my 2011 year end balances more than once, my 2012 beg balances are being multiplied in the Summary tables making my TB inquiry & report incorrect. Has anyone else ran into this issue? I can fix the balances by running a rebuild, but wondering if there is a setup or other issue here. Magic1949-can you expand upon the issues you have found with the trial balance. Thanks!

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Good one Mohamed. Thanks for sharing :-)

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What about loading 1099 balances? Any comments on that?