After a Go-Live, Microsoft Dynamics AX Users Face a Variety of New and Unexpected Challenges

August 8 2011

Going live with an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics AX can be an exciting, albeit nerve-wracking, experience. That's because you'll be faced with challenges like responding to objections, managing adoption, and struggling to engage a project team that has to go back to their day jobs.

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Clue me in. Which standard AX report, if any, have any useful value?

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As with other workstreams, users in HR functions face their fair share of challenges with Dynamics AX. The business terrain today still views HR as a necessary evil and the thinking with many management teams is something more of "let's do what we have to do to get it out of the way so we can focus on our business." With this kind of thinking, HR has not received the kind of attention it deserves bearing in mind that no matter the business of any organisation, there's no profit without the people. This prevailing factor in the market may have influenced the evolution of AX leading to some of the challenges faced by HR users. A major challenge facing the HR workstream in AX implementations is the absence of business process flow and validation embedded in the system as standard. While this may not be unrelated to the difficult task of meeting the localisation requirements of varying worker regulations per country, there needs to be an increased focus on incorporating industry best practice features in the HR module in the future AX releases. Another unhappy discovery for many HR users is that many standard reports in the HR module although useful are not as practical as required by organisations big and complex enough to afford an AX implementation. What would be useful to have are broadsweeping standard reports for various process areas in HR such as worker details, courses, benefits, compensation, competencies, etc. Users canthen create their own variations in Excel from these broadsweeping reports. TK

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Business process management exists as a separate module in AX 2009 , but would be discontinued from AX 2012. Localisation requirements are given to local Vendors by Microsoft. If you are talking about localized reports and functionalities when comes to payroll, yes you are right in a way , they aren't available. Best practices of HR varies from company to company, though the subject HR is a framework of policies and procedures , which are customizable as per organisation policies of the organisation , which will be hard to be present in vanilla products, however MSDAX is far from reaching than other products. The processes designed in AX for HR are universal and simpler except the performance management, if used properly is a powerful tool.

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I have some experience with DAX 2009 but I never heard about such tool. Could you provide us with more information about it. Alexander