Five Tools that Microsoft Should Quit Charging For in Microsoft Dynamics GP

January 25 2011

About Mark Polino

Mark Polino is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a former Microsoft MVP (2007-2018) for Business Solutions. He is the author or coauthor of 5 books related to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Mark also maintains the Dynamics GP focused website He speaks and writes regularly about ERP related topics. Mark has been a controller and CFO for a division of a publicly traded company and he has  worked as a consultant implementing ERP solutions. Mark holds additional certifications including Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) , Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). Dynamics Credentialed Professional for Dynamics GP 2015 (Core Install and Core Financials), Xero Certified. He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Central Florida and an MBA from Rollins College. Mark lives with his family in Florida.

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drc8879's picture

The only item that we use is PSTL and I agree with you that this module should be part of the standard GP. Microsoft of all companies should know how many companies are bought, sold and/or change their names over time. The vendor,/customer name change and vendor or customer merge of PSTL are two parts that annoy me that I had to buy this in order to properly track (ie, search/lookup) our activity. For a mid-market system, we shouldn't have to buy what every company deals with every year as routine parts to their business. Best regards, Dale's picture

Changing a customer or vendor ID over time isn't necessary when you have Rockton's SmartFill product, because all the searching is done with what you know, such as the current customer or vendor name. The ID numbers become irrelevant, so PSTL isn't needed to change them. Of course, Microsoft won't buy that product and offer it to GP customers either, despite the many requests to do so.

tmarxy's picture

I couldn't agree more, well put. To have to 'pitch' the price of these products during an implementation many times overshadows their functionality. Almost always, these products can very simply add value for a client. The products listed have become a must have for nearly every GP client we see today.

MikeLupro's picture

Mike Lupro - MCP I would add to the list: When a customer buys the payroll functionality Microsoft should include Direct Deposit at no charge. What good is the payroll module without it? It is a constant jaw-dropping aspect to any presentation of payroll where the customer asks that question and I have no real answer other than another $2,000 increase in SLP.

trsantoro's picture

Agreed these are great ideas. I wish for 2 things. 1. Have a single edition with options. Try explaining to a BE client that their Microsoft ERP system CANNOT susggest PO's unless they spend 2x the price per user for AM or buy an ISV solution. Or to an AM client why they are buying an ERP system that includes MFG and Project accounting, but not payroll unless they buy the employee licenses. 2. Include PO Generator as an option for BE clients like the addition of BOM.

Gloria Braunschweig's picture

Instead of dropping the price, add value to the product. Great ideas Mark and other commenters. Instead of dropping the price to the floor, thereby killing off resellers, Microsoft could do effective promotions and add value to this widely-used product. QuickBooks and Peachtree both have better Integration and Payroll tools than GP BE. We don't quote Payroll without DD and FMM rolled into the base price. A discussion with a client who expects those tools to be part of the core is just not fun.

Erica Holman's picture

I totally agree. Most ERP solutions (including products much less expensive than GP)include these add-ons in the base product and prospective customers expect this functionality at no extra cost.