Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta Not Sparking Excitement for Partners

January 20 2010

Despite the buzz surrounding the beta release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, the latest version of the product, multiple partners say there is really no "wow" factor to make customers stand up and take notice.

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ashlolo's picture

I do beleive Microsoft must rename GP 2010 to be GP10 with SP5.... Nothing new, I have been really disappointed..... We can't convince our customer to move from GP 9 to GP 10.... What about moving to GP 2010 ??????

lmc3's picture

Any comments on the new Management Reporter as a replacement for FRx? Positive or Negative?

tbowlsby's picture

I haven't seen much of MR to give a true opinion at this point; however, I like the concept and I think the renovation of FRx is long overdue. It's a great reporting tool, please don't get me wrong, but it has an old and antequated look and feel to it that turns many propsects and clients off. Todd M Bowlsby Microsoft Practice Manager ISM

bcool's picture

Why is IIS required for Management Reporter? I don't want to have to install & support a web server just to get financial reports. I could see if it were an option (so you could access reports via the web), but why require it??

martin's picture

What is with all the anonymous sources in this article. A line that reads "a partner says" and "another partner said" is pretty meaningless. If they are real sources why are you not attributing the quote to real people?

tbowlsby's picture

I'd be happy to give my opinion...oh, wait....I already did below. Linda, feel free to interview me anytime if you want to get the opposite view to this article. I'm excited about the GP 2010 release and can't wait to not only sell it, but implement it, as well. Todd M Bowlsby Microsoft Practice Manager ISM

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We ordinarily prefer to quote sources by name. Occasionally, in sensitive situations, we must quote partners anonymously to encourage their candid comments. I can guarantee you that these are real sources. David Gumpert Editorial Director

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Are you kidding me?! Nothing to be excited about?! Nothing significantly new?! There're a litany of new and exiting features that I've been actively discussing with my clients, including GP 10 clients. Clients and prospects alike have been asking for the ability to create their own metrics on the Home Page for years; with GP 2010 that's not only possible, but one also has the ability to create multiple versions on the same Home Page. The new Dashboards are very nice and the fact that Microsoft is allowing one to tap into SQL Server Analysis Services IN ADDITION to SQL Server Reporting Services is very significant. This allows for full drill-down capability - a feature that every former QuickBooks user has been demanding. The ability to perform multiple emails and email in batches? I have one client that will be able to drop the BinaryStream solution and go with the native GP 2010 functionality, which will not only save them money, but support headaches, as well. How about the fact that GP 10 has, at most, 90 + SSRS reports and GP 2010 will have over 400 SSRS and SSAS reports and KPI's? Not significant? Are you kidding me?! And, while I could continue to chastise this article for hours, I'll end with this note: what about the fact that all the functionality - INLCUDING WORKFLOW - with the exception of Enterprise Search is moving downstream to the Business Essentials Edition. This means that all of my GP 10 BE clients will be able to have the Business Portal, the new Dashboards complete with drillable SSRS and SSAS reports/KPIs and Workflow WITHOUT HAVING TO PURCHASE MOSS!! Are you kidding me?!!!! What more compelling story do you guys need to move your GP 10 clients to GP 2010? If you need more you need to take a sales course or two. And no...I'm not going anonymous. Feel free to contact me anytime. Todd M Bowlsby Microsoft Practice Manager ISM's picture

Well the GP2010 may not be having a Wow effect but it does surely has features and functionality which woud make any customer feel excited. Furthermore this sends out a very clear signal that GP is not going to go away any soon. Product has matured a lot since Ver 8.00 and prior. Therefore what a new release can bring out may be limited. I think now what we can expect from new GP releases is improvements and functionality and add-on features on regular basis, major functional and look and feel changes may not come year on year basis. Pre-Sales Consultant Emirates Technology Company, UAE