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Nothing exciting in Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Wave 2 2023? Wow, was I wrong!

by Cynthia Priebe
Senior Trainer and Consultant, New View Strategies
September 08 2023

When asked if I would write something about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Wave 2 2023, I didn’t think I could. Why? Because when I write an article or a blog post, I like to write about the features that I think users will be excited about. On my first quick perusal of the release notes, I didn’t see anything that I thought I would want to write about. Wow, was I wrong!

The enhancements listed here relate to what we see and how we see it and improve the accuracy of posted documents. Check out the “little” changes that don’t look like much in the release notes but pack a bigger bang than their descriptions suggest.

Disallow editing of fields by Role

Users of specific roles (profiles) should not be able to edit certain fields on records or documents. For example, in some organizations the Salesperson Code assigned on the Customer card defaults onto the sales document header. This value should not be modified by anyone with the role of Sales Order Processor.

Currently in Public Preview and generally available October 2023, using Customize Pages from the Role (profile), the field can be locked for editing for users assigned the role. No development or extension needed.

Add “hidden” fields to pages

Multiple users have access to sales orders and may or may not make changes to these sales orders. It may be required to know who the last user was to make a change to the sales order header and when. Currently, this information is in fields that are hidden and can only be found by using Page Inspection and filtering table fields to “modified” fields or by tracking specific fields using Change Log.


It would be great if the “Modified At” and “Modified By” fields were visible on the sales header without using Page Inspection or needing an extension to add them.

Available in Public Preview October 2023 (General Availability not assigned as of the date of writing this article), selected users will be able to add previously locked source table fields by customizing the page for a role. For example, the fields in our example above can be added by customizing the Sales Order page from the Sales Order Processor Role. I don’t see anything in the documentation about users being able to do this on their own through Personalization. The intent here is to free up developer time by allowing managers or admins to make these simple modifications. Developers will be free to work on more complex enhancements.

Go to a record’s details directly from lookup lists

You are in the middle of entering a sales order and you would like to see more information about the item you intend to select on the sales line. Currently this requires opening another window, or from the lookup list selecting “Select from full list”, then clicking 4 more times to open the item card.


Currently in Public Preview and generally available in October 2023, “Select Detail” has been added to the lookup list, giving us more direct access to related records.


Change how document date and posting date are related to each other during document data entry

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About Cynthia Priebe

Cynthia is a Senior Trainer and Consultant with New View Strategies, the go-to source for actionable training and process efficiency in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Cynthia is recognized for her ability to look at operational and reporting challenges with a fresh take and propose solutions using core features and functionality. Focused for close to 20 years on Dynamics NAV and now D365 Business Central, she adores helping clients and partners with solving problems, enhancing productivity, and finding The Righter WayTM to work in Business Central. She is a regular presenter at industry conferences, on the original team to write the MB-800: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant certification exam, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant. You can reach Cynthia on LinkedIn.

At New View Strategies, all our experts have “been there, done that” – we are experienced, former users who have walked in your shoes. We  work with frustrated Business Central/NAV users who struggle to use their system and find the answers they need. We teach them to truly understand how the system can support their business processes to make immediate and lasting improvements, and as a result get more done in less time, make better business decisions, and even love their system. In addition to helping end users, New View Strategies offers Consultant Accelerator programs to help get new-to-BC consultants up, running, and billing as soon as possible. 

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