Data synchronization: Incremental push for composite entities in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

July 30 2018

A retail client needed to synchronize sales orders between their Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations system and their retail management solution. Keeping the retail system up to date required the frequent export and import of the entire database of sales orders, which imposed a significant performance cost.

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Simon Barrett is Business Development Manager for ANEGIS Consulting, and a Licensing Microsoft Certified Professional, in Wroclaw, Poland. He specializes in complex, high-impact deployments.

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Gibon's picture

Your post is like a drop in the sea :)
I have not found anywhere else that incremental push on composite entities could be posible to use.
Although you wrote three classes that needs to be extensioned can you be more specific which methods?
An example would be appreciated.

Manindrakaku's picture

Can you share the code which you written for incremental push for composite entity

ben aissa's picture

Can you please share your code ?