Dynamics 365 Finance: Emailing payment advice using batch job and print management configuration

August 11 2020

Dynamics 365 Finance can be configured to automatically send payment advice to vendors using a batch job. And while earlier versions offered payment advice, it had to be either printed to the screen or the vendor email addresses had to be entered manually. While it did the job, it was often a little tedious for customers who would like to automate it.

With the 2019 December release, Microsoft added the ability to send payment advice via configuration based on print management – yes, you read that right--and use a batch job based on whatever conditions the user wants.

Below is the feature you need to enable in order to proceed with this setup.

Once the feature is enabled, under Accounts Payable -> Print management the below configuration should be enabled/created as a prerequisite.

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mandyc's picture

Hi Vamsi,
Thanks .
I am getting an issue - after enabling the payment advise feature , I am still not getting the options in the Print management under the Payment advise . On clicking Payment advise under print management, its still blank and no option to set the print batch.
Any idea ?

Gflynner15's picture


How do you run this feature when you have 100+ vendor payments? When i select all the lines or even multiple lines, it takes away the print feature by greying it out.

bonnet.m's picture

I encounter the same problem, how with you could meet this need?