Our Microsoft Dynamics predictions for 2018

December 21 2017

2017 comes to an end with a Microsoft Dynamics partner channel in flux and a customer base now keenly aware that their ERP and/or CRM vendor has shifted its cloud strategy into a higher gear.

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Joe Decker's picture

It would be extremely helpful if at least once in an article that a meaning for the acronym being used would be spelled out as trying to keep up with all the new ones is impossible. Thank You, Joseph P Decker

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We aim to identify all acronyms before using them, but some slip through. Which did you spot?

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Hello Jason, I figured it out SMB small medium business. Thank you for your work in AX I have attended some of your seminars and have always enjoyed and learned from them. Please keep up the help you give to the AX Community. Sincerely, Joe Decker 314-422-5523