Inspire 2017: Expect an industry-focused, partner-powered Microsoft

July 11 2017

Microsoft on Day 2 of its Inspire 2017 partner conference talked down the importance of out-of-the-box ERP and CRM.

"Business applications are no longer the systems of record," said Microsoft EVP, Worldwide Commercial Business Judson Althoff in his keynote address. If anything, "They are systems of oppression."

If the future is in digital transformation, then the future is in intelligence-driven solutions built upon ERP and CRM. But what does that look like, and how can partners deliver that?

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Dann Anthony Maurno is a seasoned business journalist who began his career as International Marketing Manager with Lilly Software, then moved on as a freelancer to write for such prestigious clients as CFO Magazine; Compliance Week;Manufacturing Business Technology; Decision Resources, Inc.; The Economist Intelligence Unit; and corporate clients such as Iron Mountain, Microsoft and SAP. He is the co-author of Thin Air: How Wireless Technology Supports Lean Initiatives(CRC/Productivity Press, 2010).

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jefflfrye's picture

ERP and CRM partners, it was nice to have you around, but your focus and real-world business experience is getting in the way of "digital transformation." Interesting, this reads like Microsoft thinks they are ahead of the game on business. While the competition wastes time selling ERP, CRM, and various other business systems to the CFO, VP of Sales, and other people in companies who use these systems, Microsoft is jumping ahead and selling "digital transformation" to the CEOs (This would explain why Microsoft abandoned events aimed at informing and selling systems to the decision makers and instead created the underwhelming event for CEOs and CIOs). So, is Microsoft correct, is the world changing, with CEOs suddenly taking a decision making role in choosing systems? I do not believe that is happening, but then again I do not drive an organization trying to move ERP and CRM responsibilities from experienced partners to the (H1B heavy) Azure and Office 365 partner base. What do I know? I was not aware that the systems in charge of gathering the information for future "digital transformation" were oppressing the businesses? There are so many things wrong with that paragraph that I am stunned into a state of speechlessness. I guess Cortana will do a better job explaining who Microsoft thinks will help customers implement business systems which will not oppress businesses. Jeff