Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Upgrade or reimplement?

February 15 2017

A good many Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers are keenly aware that they are on older versions. But often there seemed no urgency to upgrade. Those older versions have worked fine for years, and support is available from either Microsoft (with up to 10 years including extended support) or a partner.

In time they will feel that urgency - perhaps servers are nearing their end of life and the organization wants to go hosted. Or perhaps they are keen to use an ISV solution that was written for NAV 2015 or later.

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My years of managing a software team, working closely with Microsoft and the completion of my MBA has placed me in a good position to help clients find the best software solutions to suit their business. By giving honest, open advice based on my training, knowledge and experience, my clients can be assured of identifying the best solution available for them.

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