Microsoft MVPs Work to Tamp Down Dynamics GP Rumors

December 1 2016

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the death of Microsoft Dynamics GP has been grossly exaggerated. The truth is that Dynamics GP is not going away now that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has hit the market. But different interpretations of the future directions of the Dynamics product line has led some GP veterans to voice concern over how their ERP solution of choice has been portrayed in public venues.

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jefflfrye's picture

Hand to God, if Microsoft keynotes the next Summit (here in my town) with another long sales push for a product very, very, very few customers or attendees of the USER GROUPS actually care about I will make a show of standing up and walking out. I would encourage others to do the same thing. Our employers have assigned us limited resources (money and time) to attend these USERS GROUPS and it is a blatant abuse by Microsoft to take away from these resources so they can sell us on something else. Maybe the sight of 300-600 people walking to the Starbucks in the Opryland Hotel will get the point across that Microsoft's messaging is insanely short-sighted, incompetent, and infuriating. Jeff Frye Systems Analyst Nashville

DonPugh's picture

We already have GP in the cloud, and it is called Terminal Server with VPN. There are a number of companies offering this, such as RoseASP or you can host this internally. . You get all the benefits of all the functionality of GP, along with all the benefits of "cloud" such as accessibility anywhere, central management and backup, along with the security of a VPN. Does is really make a difference that there is no HTML front end? This is really SaaS. Plus it is easy to link in with Excel or Word, because you are on a "Virtual Desktop" One example I worked with is an international biotech company. The servers (SQL and Term server) were located in California. US folks worked with the system in our timezone, and Europeans worked with the same data and companies in their timezone. Data sharing and integration was easy. Why doesn't Microsoft push this as a proven system that provides everything today, on a all Microsoft environment? Don Pugh Long time GP consultant