Microsoft Axes Pinpoint: Partners React with Surprise, Disappointment, Ambivalence

September 14 2016

Recently, Microsoft deep-sixed its Pinpoint online partner directory, replacing it with its new "referral engine," or Find a Partner section of its Partner Center. The change rolled out just before the company's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2016 in July.

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anyac's picture

Thanks for the article. One thing to note is that Microsoft is telling partners NOT to try to login to Partner Center yet. To wait until they are officially "onboarded". Why Microsoft would take down the old site, put up the new one, add a Sign In link and NOT expect partners to try to login is a good question. But there it is. I wrote an extensive article to help Dynamics partners at -Anya Ciecierski

anna.kontsekova's picture

Thank you for the article, we were also wondering what happened to Pinpoint. WPC even linked on the event's website the Awards finalists (MPN Partner of the Year Award winners and finalists) to their Pinpoint profiles. The links are now broken (only redirect to Partner Center main page). Have a question though: We got an email invitation to Microsoft's Enterprise Cloud Alliance Does anybody know something about it? It is also linked to Partner Center.

journyxmktg's picture

I'm curious to hear from other ISVs if there's even any value in listing in AppSource. Is it really a huge source of leads and worth the cost and effort of getting listed?

clf99's picture

Hilarious. Typical. Predictable. I can only say that IBM's partner site is just as idiotic, or was last time we tried to participate in it. It is evidence that MS doesn't care about ISVs, or partners. And really, at some point, why should they? Dynamics is 1% of MS revenue and it isn't growing much. It is a distraction to them which is one reason they killed Convergence. All that means to me is that they'll never fix what's broken and ISV products will remain useful as long as there are users of these ERP systems (and people ditch such things rarely). So it works with our strategy just fine. And that strategy is to push harder and harder into all these ERP systems with our add-ons.