In Hosted Dynamics CRM Arena, Partners Big and Small Will Compete to Add Value

March 11 2009

In the realm of hosted Dynamics ERP and CRM, there is a place for Microsoft and a place for the partners.  So long as each competes in the appropriate spaces there should be plenty of business for all.  So says Jeff Edwards, Director of Dynamics Partner Strategy, who described Microsoft's partner strategy as quite stable in its current form - a balance between formal agreement and freedom to operate.

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bensonf's picture

It's great to see EDS entering the enterprise segment of the hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM market (even if this is a just re-release of the press release from Convergence 2008). What I don't understand though is that EDS made the announcement in April 2008 that they were entering launching a hosted CRM service, in this story Jeb Horton of EDS predicts they are only 3 to 6 months away from actually launching (which usually means 12 to 18 months in reality), but EDS are already proclaiming that they are the world's leading hosted Microsoft CRM provider. How can you be the world leader when you haven't actually launched yet?