5 Tips For choosing the right AMS partner


5 Tips
For choosing the right AMS partner
So, you’ve implemented amazing new
technology—now, it’s time to maximize ROI. Once
the ball is rolling on your new system, application
maintenance and support is crucial. Having the
right AMS partner can help you improve service
levels and scale up business performance with
greater efficiency. But how do you choose the right
AMS partner?
Here are a few tips:
Recognize the complexity and need of your system
Today, businesses need intelligent skills to navigate modern, complex solutions. Ensure that your partner understands
how important it is for you to maximize your investment. A partner who recognizes that maintenance is critical and
complex—and that you depend on its benefits—is paramount.
Know that it’s best to begin now, but it’s never too late
Once you have finalized your development phase and are starting to test your new system, you’re ready for the
transition of knowledge and information from the implementation team to the support team. Ideally, you’ll plan how
stabilization will be implemented after you go-live, but don’t worry if that’s not the case for you. A mature AMS
partner also knows “it’s never too late.” They’ll be able to help you choose and achieve the right level of service that
your business needs.
24/7 global support
Your strategic partner should have access to experts around the globe, providing support and answers anytime,
anywhere—and quickly. It’s important for your AMS partner to provide an uptime guarantee and be an operational
resource that has the capability to manage the system environment and all aspects of your system.
Ensure agility and holistic services
The right partner will take care of issues, service requests and support new developments. They should have a
structured and comprehensive module to handle new releases, changes and events. Ensure that your partner has a
standardized implementation and service delivery model based on the ITIL standards. This will help you choose from
their offerings according to your business needs and budget.
Understand what’s essential to drive your solution
Go for a partner who can best extend a well-structured and predictable service around the solution, including new
releases, patches, further developments, innovative functionalities and interfaces. Identify key pain points in your
daily operations and prioritize your action items.
Why Columbus?
ColumbusCare helps you realize a higher value on your business application investments with
well-established processes and uptime guarantee.
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