Marketing Resource Mgmt (MRM)

The 2018 Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 eBook

30 ways to transform your marketing in 30 days

2018 Digital Marketing Plans From the Leadership Perspective

A special report conducted with 99 marketing decision makers

The 2018 To-Do List for Marketers Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365

With so many ways to reach audiences today, how do you decide what to try?

7 Habits of Highly Successful Marketers

What does it take to be successful in marketing?

How to Score Big with Customer and Lead Nurturing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The campaign automation playbook for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users

The Marketing Automation Field Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users

Getting started with marketing automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

IMA, Microsoft join forces to advance digital marketing education in Dynamics CRM partner ecosystem

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