Mark Brummel

Mark Brummel

Mark Brummel is an all-round Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist.

Mark is the author of the new book Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design and the earlier Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design.

He started in 1997 as an end user but quickly moved to the other side of the table. During ten years he has worked for resellers where designing and maintaining add-on systems was his specialization. Some of these add-on systems exceed the standard product where it comes to size and complexity. Also coaching colleagues and troubleshooting ‘impossible' problems where passion is part of day-to-day work.

Mark has trained most of the experienced NAV developers for the NAV 2009 product in The Netherlands and Belgium. Today he is working freelance, is hired by almost every NAV reseller in the Benelux area and also frequently asked to help out in escalated implementations by end users. Mark is an associate in the Liberty Grove Software network and a freelance consultant at SQL Perform Benelux. Mark was the first world wide to use the NAV 2009 (CTP3) product in a production system feeding back valuable information to Microsoft.

A special project and passion is performance tuning of the Dynamics NAV product on SQL Server. Since 2007 he is involved in the development of the ‘SQL Perform Tools'. A specialist's toolset which allows both trend and escalation analysis of key elements for systems speed. As a unique specialist he has done break through research in improving the performance of Dynamics NAV on SQL Server.<

When time is left, Mark maintains his blog on This blog contains a wide range of articles about both the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SQL Server product. He is also a frequent speaker at Microsoft events.

In 2006 Mark was rewarded by Microsoft with the Most Valuable Professional award for his contribution to the online and offline communities. In 2007 he also reviewed Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV.