Jim Cantrell


Jim Cantrell is a supply chain professional with more than 15 years leadership experience in the Retail, Distribution, 3PL and Supply Chain sectors. In 2008, Jim formed Retail EDI, an online EDI/E-commerce knowledge portal and boutique consultancy. Retail EDI is one of the largest online collections of process information and editorials. At Retail EDI, Jim managed projects for numerous retailers and manufacturers in the areas of EDI, e-commerce, business intelligence and general replenishment systems. Retail EDI (www.retailedi.com) currently has more than 5,000 members and over 100 contributing parties. Prior to Retail EDI, Jim held leadership positions for high-tech, consulting and eCommerce companies, including roles as Chief Strategic Officer, VP of Sales, and Director of Business Development for companies such as DIcentral, 16 Mile Solutions, Direct EDI, and others.

Jim works for Hubspan (Seattle, WA), as Director, Channel Programs, managing marketing and programs for Hubspan’s growing list of partners, including: NetSuite, Ariba, SciQuest and others. Hubspan is a leading provider of cloud-scale B2B integration solutions, helping organizations streamline business processes and exchange real-time information across the B2B cloud to customers and partners.