ServiceTeam ITAM

About This Solution

ServiceTeam ITAM lets you leverage Microsoft Power Apps, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform eco-system to proactively plan and manage IT hardware, contracts, and software assets cost-effectively. Leave spreadsheets behind and get control and insight into both active and inactive assets to support effective onboarding and offboarding, crisis management, security risks, financial analysis, budgeting and operational planning. And by having visibility and control of your assets throughout their entire lifecycle—from request to disposal—you’ll optimize asset use, reduce costs and guarantee your enterprise gets the full value of its technology investments.

More About This Vendor

Provance lets organizations digitally transform both IT and the business with the most Microsoft-centric IT Service and Asset Management solutions on the market, ServiceTeam ITSM and ServiceTeam ITAM. The Provance suite of products make digital transformation more than just a buzzword. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365, Provance apps are native to the Microsoft ecosystem and infused with the same digital DNA as the Microsoft platforms, products and processes that drive many organizations' success.